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Warfighter Hemp Podcast

The Warfighter Hemp Podcast is all about informing veterans and non-veterans about the holistic and natural alternatives to “drugs.” We are a worldwide organization with representatives and ambassadors around the globe. We also give 50% of our profits back to Veteran charities that support veteran’s independence.

Kristin Price and her mother Jennifer join me on The Warfighter Hemp Podcast to talk about what inspired them to create Hoop Beauty, how CBD changed her life, and why you should Be Good, Do Good, and Feel Good.  
Mara Gordon sat down with the Warfighter Hemp Podcast to talk about the science and research of CBD, where the industry is headed, and where she thinks we should be in treating CBD as medicine.
David Tran joins me to talk about coming up in the cannabis industry and where he thinks it’s all headed. From smoking pot out of a pop can to becoming a founder of multiple companies, David Tran is a larger than life character that you have to experience in person. 
Warfighter Hemp podcast
When Oscar “Pops” Casto agreed to sit down with me and talk about CBD oil I realized right away that I had to share this interview with you. Oscar is a personality to say the least so it’s very exciting to share this interview with you! We do this one a little different, hope you…
Warfighter Hemp podcast
Heidi Hansing and I sat down during the VFW’s 120th Annual Convention in Orlando, FL to talk about Wheelchairs for Warriors, CBD oil, and how a group of non-profits and for-profit companies are teaming up to help Veterans. 
Warfighter Hemp podcast
What better way to kick this show off than with the man himself, the Founder and CEO of Warfighter Hemp, Steve Danyluk. We talk about what this show IS and ISN’T, of course we talk about CBD oil, but we also talk about why it’s so important that Warfighter Hemp was accepted as a sponsor…