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About Organic Hemp Extracts

Warfighter Organic Hemp Extracts are full spectrum extracts that contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The most prevalent cannabinoid in Warfighter Hemp products is cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is one of 200 naturally occurring cannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant. CBD has been recognized by United States government as an antioxidant and a naturally occurring neuroprotectant. Research has shown that regularly taking organic hemp extracts can help strengthen the immune system and alleviate symptoms of PTSD, seizures, stress, pain and sleeplessness.

Warfighter Hemp Zero contains organic hemp oil, organic peppermint oil in the peppermint version and CBD only. Warfighter Hemp Full Spectrum contains, along with the amount of CBD listed on the bottle, other cannabinoids in trace amounts. 

All Warfighter Hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC


PTSD is an anxiety condition caused by disturbing episodes, such as military combat. Hemp extracts can help reduce anxiety that contribute to PTSD.

40 million Americans are regularly affected by stress and anxiety. A regular regime of hemp extracts can help reduce stress and anxiety.

The naturally occurring cannabionds in Hemp Extracts can have a calming effect on the mind and body. This calming sensation can help even the most restless sleepers sleep soundly though the night.

Hemp Extracts can help reduce chronic pain. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation overall discomfort associated with a variety of health condition.


Cannabidiol FAQ

Safety and Quality

USDA Organic/Non GMO

The USDA organic certification is the most rigorous crop certification in the world. We take pride in offering our customers premier hemp products from the highest quality hemp. This means no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides ever. Our hemp products are made exclusively from USDA organic hemp grown from our farms in Colorado.

Third Party Testing

Every batch of Warfighter Hemp products is tested in multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process for potency and purity.

CGMP Compliant Facility

Warfighter Hemp products are manufactured in a CGMP compliant facility.

Gluten Free and Allergen Free

Warfighter Hemp products are harvested and produced with equipment dedicated for hemp. This means no cross contamination from allergens such soy, milk, and gluten.