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Our Mission

The mission of Warfighter Hemp is to provide our nation’s veterans with an organic, non-addictive, non-psychoactive means to manage pain, lower anxiety, and improve the overall quality of their lives.

improve the overall
quality of life

Offering a pathway out of the opioid epidemic

Warfighter Hemp believes that our 23 million Veterans can lead the way in demonstrating that there is a viable alternative to the over prescription of addictive medications and offer a pathway out of the opioid epidemic currently plaguing our society.

Supporting Veterans

Through it’s Veterans Support Initiative, 50% of the sales proceeds from Warfighter Hemp will be donated to veteran charities to provide the tools, therapies and guidance needed to help these heroes live their lives as independently as is possible.

50% of profits go back to veterans

High-quality, Colorado-grown hemp



Recent News

BY STEVE DANYLUK AND BOONE CUTLER, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR Last year, Warfighter Hemp was blessed with the opportunity to meet with numerous members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee regarding H.R. 5520, the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2018. Had it reached the floor for a vote, H.R. 5520 would have mandated that the VA undertake…
By Lt. Col. Steve Danyluk, USMC (Ret.) A veteran is 250 times more likely to die from suicide or an opioid-related overdose than their counterpart currently serving in Afghanistan. In 2017, according to icasualties.org, there were a total of fifteen U.S. military fatalities in Afghanistan. The same year, the Veterans Administration released a seminal report placing…
It is not marijuana, but cannabinoid oil, known as CBD oil, is derived from cannabis. Author: Teresa Woodard DALLAS — Cannabinoid oil, legal to use but not easy to get in Texas, is showing promise in helping veterans manage chronic pain and anxiety. It is not marijuana, but cannabinoid oil, known as CBD oil, is…